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  • €10 of VoIP traffic included
  • By referring another company to us, you both will receive a €20 bonus recharge

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    To help you better understand the benefits of VoIP services for Call Centers, we have included this series of frequently asked questions. This resource is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the VoIP solutions we offer. Whether you are exploring the VoIP option for the first time or looking to enhance an existing system, you will find answers to common questions and key information here to optimize your Call Center's productivity.

    1What is a VoIP service for a Call Center?
    A VoIP service for a Call Center is a communication solution that allows call centers to make phone calls using the Internet instead of the traditional telephone network. This VoIP service is specifically designed to meet the needs of call centers and offers optimized solutions for efficiently managing large volumes of calls. It provides advanced features such as call recording, real-time monitoring, and queue management, aiming to enhance operational efficiency in call centers.
    2What are the main advantages of using a VoIP service for my Call Center?
    The benefits include reduced call costs, greater flexibility, improved voice quality, access to advanced features, and the ability to easily scale the service.
    3What difference does having direct interconnections with national carriers make?
    Direct interconnections with national carriers ensure a more stable connection, superior voice quality, and more competitive rates.
    4Do you offer VoIP for Outbound or Inbound Call Centers?
    Our VoIP service for Call Centers is specifically designed to meet the needs of call centers that primarily focus on outbound calls. We provide optimized solutions for efficiently managing large volumes of calls, allowing call centers to make calls to their customers or potential clients with high quality and reliability.
    5How does per-second billing work, and what is its advantage for my Call Center?
    Per-second billing means that you only pay for the time actually used in a call, reducing costs and improving billing accuracy.
    6What does "no connection fee" mean, and how does it affect the cost of calls?
    "No connection fee" means that no fixed cost will be charged when a call is answered, helping to reduce overall operational costs.
    7What additional services are provided with a VoIP service for Call Center?
    Additional services can include call monitoring, statistics analysis, call recording, CRM integration, and much more.
    8Is there a time limit or mandatory contract when using a VoIP service for Call Center?
    Absolutely not. With our VoIP service for Call Center, there are no contractual constraints. We offer the flexibility that allows you to tailor the service to your needs, with no long-term commitments. We are here to streamline your experience and put control in your hands.
    9How can I integrate the VoIP service into my current Call Center system?
    Our support team will be at your complete disposal to assist you at every stage of the transition, from reconfiguring your phone system to conducting necessary tests.
    10What is the process for switching from a previous VoIP provider to your service?
    The procedure will vary depending on how your phone system is managed. If you manage your phone system directly, we will provide you with new configurations and transition instructions. If your phone system is managed by third parties, we will reach out to them to coordinate a smooth transition and ensure that everything is configured and working.